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100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure
100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure

Anchovy fish fillets in olive oil

From Genovese anciùa, Anchovies are especially common in the Atlantic Ocean between Norway and South Africa but are also among the most widespread fishes of our seas and most beloved ones on our tables.

In certain Italian regions small Anchovy is called Alice to separate its use or food destination. Others prefer calling Alice the fresh eaten fish and Acciuga the preserved one.

No matter how you name it, what is certain is that thanks to its unmistakable taste you can make infinite recipes! Our fillets are perfect for a bruschetta, with a knob of butter for your aperitive, or for the simplest recipes like Acciughe in bagnetto [Anchovies with Green Sauce] or Acchiughe all’aceto [marinated Anchovies with wine vinegar], or even for more elaborate recipes in which Anchovies are an indispensable ingredient, like tagliatelle with tuna fish, artichoke & anchovy pie or even tasty green beans.