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100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure
100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure

Figs jam

Soft, extra sweet and Low Fat: figs are among the most loved Summer fruits and are great not only for a snack or for breakfast, but also for your aperitif!

Did you know that slow-cooking preserves fruit most authentic taste? This is just one of the secrets that make our Figs Jam so delicious...

This is a Jam that embraces sweetness and tradition: we still make it like our grandmothers used to, selecting the best Figs of our orchard in Pontedassio, solely watered with delicate spring water and nurtured by the sun of Liguria.

Spread it on a slice of bread or rusks for breakfast, use it for fantastic tarts and for fancy aperitifs, matching it to your favorite cheeses!