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100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure
100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure

Our passion for Quality starts from the land but is unbounded. Olive tree grove and garden extend beyond the hill down to the sea: hill & sea flavors merge like the colors of the Ligurian landscape, the panorama we have loved all our life and that nurtures our work since always.

From the mildness of our Taggiasca Olive Oil, that combines with different tastes never hiding them, to the homemade recipe of baby artichokes that we studied and improved for 3 years, until we obtained a perfect product, to the Sun-dried Tomatoes, tasting like our sun that dries them, to the jams that we still make like our grandmothers did.

Try the tastes of the Sea, of the Olive tree grove and of the Garden: discover all our products.