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100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure
100% Italian products, 100% made for pleasure

Taggiasca pickled olives

How do Taggiasca Olives become Terra degli Ulivi Taggiasca Pickled Olives? They must be the best ones, next rest 7 months in brine, with con water, salt and thyme!

Did you know Taggasca Olive is typical of west Liguria, particularly of the province of Imperia? It is named after the village of Taggia, where the monks of San Colombano of the Monastic Island of Lerino brought such cultivar to.

After resting 7 months in brine with water, salt and thyme Taggiasca Olives are pasteurized and put in jars. How to eat Taggiasca Pickled Olives? With your best aperitives and in the richest traditional land & sea recipes.